I love you and the abstract,
the eyes and ever prowess,
adept of aptitude,
and unconventional.
Will ray and peace,
not forget its giver.


Edward Thomas

Listen to Dory -grizzly bear while reading this.



 Facts for whatever,
15 steps,
Then a sheer drop.



Fictionist. I had the pleasure of attending their rooftop show in Provo last Friday, and it was as enjoyable as a bowl of cake and milk. I owe credit to the good Jenna Dobry for telling me about this show. Attending with me was Russ Allphin of Mudbison fame and we spent the evening in good conversations of art and reminiscence of humorous times from the lapse of the previous year. As the time arrived for Fictionist to perform, Russ and I went to the rooftop of the parking garage to find that the once unfilled flat, was now packed. Well that didn't do much to stop the likes of Russ and I, and we went strait to the front with surprising ease. The band started to play and we couldn't resist to screem to the heavens that this is what music is. I much enjoyed the time spent there and I ended up with the setlist, which I gave to Russ, a pick and the lyric sheet to there new song which they played for the first time that night. All in all, I should have had to pay for that. Vote for them to get on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine.

My Phone Pics

here are some pics from my phone. the painted one is a recent painting i did of this dream i had a few months ago about flying over a huge city and everything was very zoomed in and fish eye lensed. So i called it Telefish. enjoy.

 Just after a soccer game in logan i took this from the car window.
 One of my turn tables.
 A street lamp from the base looking up.
 I drew this in church.
 My painting "telefish".
Byu art museum. 5 sided block made out of books.