The Long Walk

Well, I must say, I truly will miss the good musing and the trying of new methods in life that I've had with Ethan Martel. You could say we're brothers, two peas in a pod, the cake plus the milk, the first and the last. He's serving in the Mexico City East Mission. He just left to the MTC today, and I wont see him for just over two and a half years. We've spent a lot of time together from the time he first came to my house to jam some music. He and I clicked instantly, and by the next week I was staying over at his house while my parents went out of town, and I, waiting for a soccer tournament to commence in St. George. I was introduced to the band Mew by him and Austin. It was kind of the underlying influence to our music that winter into early spring. From there we played in my dad's studio almost five to six days a week for about eight months, writing songs like it was nothing. It really was our only outlet for the hard times we were all having that year involving our personal lives which we discussed regularly with each other. Without each other I think we would all agree that we'd be in very different places. The only thing we did more than jamming was probably taking our long walk through aspen. A walk which route you kinda had to memorize to get through correctly. We talked about things that would be in an ordinary conversation which happened every now and then, but mostly we talked about how we both felt like we had it in us to be something in this world. I don't know how many people will read this, if any, but let me tell you, Ethan has a way of inspiring everyone in subtle way that will change you forever. After his senior year (my junior year), he invited me to go with his family on their yearly trip to Lake Powell. Honestly, one of the best trips I've ever been on. We stayed on their new house boat and played tons of games, listened to a ton of M83 and a bit of Muse, and explored every place we could find. After we got back, we hung, jammed a little, then he left for college. I, to make the best of my senior year. Well, I hurt my back and couldn't play my senior year of soccer, but I had time to start doing some stuff with electronics. Ethan and I would talk on the phone every now and again, but it wasn't until he came up after his first year of college (me, finally out of HS) that we would continue where we left off. We started hanging out again almost everyday, jamming, going on walks, watching movies, you name it. Now, all of the sudden he's gone. Gone for a good while then I'll overlap his mission with my own, until the winter of 2013. I'll be home for Christmas, and we'll probably just pick up again where we left off. Nothing else to do. So this is the beginning of the long walk. Just like we would do when we weren't making music.


Bonobo is one of those bands i could listen to while I spend a whole day painting.